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Top Cases an Attorney Gets Asked About

When we think about what an attorney does, well, we really don’t know what to think. Personally, I’ve always looked at lawyers with awe and wonder when I see them do their thing in courthouses and hearings. I thought that was so cool.

Then I grew up and learned that lawyers do so much more than that. They help file legal papers, attend to divorce procedures, help undocumented immigrants with the process, help you face the IRS, and so much more.

Well, these are the most common cases on these three categories an attorney gets called for.

 Top Cases an Attorney Gets Asked About


Misdemeanors are sometimes wrongfully categorized as lower level felony cases. Technically, they are still criminal acts but are not treated as such because the act itself is not that dangerous to the “victim.” The most common misdemeanor is Basic Assault.

Not to be confused with the criminal charge “assault”, basic assault means that you hurt someone (i.e. pushing, throwing an object towards a person and they didn’t catch it because they didn’t know) but you never had the intention to injure.

A lot of these cases started out as pranks or a routine anger outburst that probably got out of hand a bit. Although the casualty experienced pain, it is usually not enough for them to file the much heavier criminal assault charge, more often than not, it’s because they’re just friends or co-workers.

Civil Cases

For those that are wondering what the difference is between a civil case and a criminal case, you will generally know by the punishment or the verdict that the accusing party is looking for. If they want money or some other form of payment, then it’s most probably a civil case.

However if they are looking for jail time (or in some extreme cases, even the death penalty), in all likelihood it’s a criminal case.

The most frequently filed civil case is all about contract disputes. No surprise there. If you are working or do any business at all, then you have an idea about contracts and how fickle it can be.

These days you have to really specify intricate details when it comes to contracts, and even then, these cases still come about. This is one of those times when you really need to ask an attorney because it can get messy very quickly.

Criminal Cases

In connection with the last section, a criminal case almost always ends with either jail time or probation. They can also include payment for damages, community service time, and other punishments.

Theft is the number one committed crime in the world, and it’s not even close. Now this is different from robbery (which is theft but normally includes assault), theft is simply taking things from someone without their permission. It’s that simple.

 Ask an Attorney

Ask A Lawyer

I hope you learned something today in the lines of which are the most common crimes committed. Just to make sure you understand the smallest details, ask a lawyer.

Find a law firm near you and really consider their experience in the industry as well as expertise and specializations. It may be the difference between you being charged with a criminal offense or a much lower misdemeanor.

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