Why Credit Rating I Important

Do you already know the importance of credit rating and why you should maintain good scores in your credit reports?

what is a good credit score However much we try to save for our bigger expenses for the future, there are times when savings alone don’t suffice with our financial needs. Some of these expenses may be for buying a new house, a car, capital to start a business, or other emergency needs.

Fortunately, banks and other lending institutions are there to finance us so we can afford to spend for them.

However, these financings also need an assurance that you will pay them for the money that you have borrowed from them. AS a protection on their part, they need to make sure that you can afford to pay and that you will not run from your obligations of paying them after having been financed. This is where the importance of credit rating comes in.

For them to make sure that you can actually pay and are responsible for complying with the requirements, they first have to see your credit rating and your credit scores to get a loan.

The Importance Of Credit Rating

Credit ratings are the assessment of the borrowers whether they are worthy to be granted a credit or not. Any entity which intends to ask for a financial assistance by borrowing money from banks or other financing firms is assigned a credit rating before they can lend from them. These entities may include but are not limited to: an individual, a corporation, local government authority, a state, or any sovereign government.

Credit ratings are usually signified in the form of credit scores that are provided by the Fair Isaac Corporation or FICO, which is also why it is sometimes called FICO score. A credit score can range from bad to excellent according to the credit scales.

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What is a good credit score and how can it affect the possibilities that you can get when you apply for bigger loans such as a car or personal loans?

What Is A Good Credit Score

Generally, you need to have good credit scores to get a loan.

Credit scores have a scale from 300 to 850. When you reach a score of 700, you are considered to have a good credit. This means that you have a good track record of your credit history and you have been paying your debts on time.

Having a good credit score gives you a higher chance of getting a car loan, or even the bigger ones such as the mortgage loan. That is why you have to maintain a positive history on y our credit reports.

the importance of credit rating

Maintain Good Credit Scores To Get A Loan

Loans are a big help to us when we need bigger fund for our expenses or for emergency uses.

Now that you know what is a good credit score and how it can affect in your future loans, check your current report and if you think that it hasn’t reached a scale that makes it a good credit, start paying your dues. Find ways to improve your score. Be conscious of the importance of credit rating and start fixing your credit today.