learn how to give way in a major roadway

Defensive Driving: Enrolling in the Course and What You Should Expect to Learn

Defensive driving is operating a vehicle in such a way that you make use of safe and cautious driving techniques and strategies which allow for you to identify and determine hazards on the road, anticipate possible risky scenarios and in turn, be able to address them early in order to prevent yourself and other people from being involved in a harmful road situation.

Choosing defensive driving means driving accordingly based on rules and regulations on the road, and the environmental conditions, among numerous other external factors which you have to consider as they may adversely affect your driving maneuver in one way or another.

everything you need to know about defensive driving

What Is Included in Defensive Driving Classes?

The following sections will discuss the coverage of defensive driving classes. These are the most commonly highlighted topics which are thoroughly taught and included in defensive driving classes.

Read on and learn more about what is included in defensive driving classes to give you a clearer and better idea of what to expect especially if you are planning to enroll in this specific course focused on safe defensive driving.

What You Should Expect in a Defensive Driving Course: The Crucial Crash and Other Vehicular Accident Prevention Techniques

Defensive driving is knowing how to avoid road mishaps and being able to recognize potential dangers before finding and getting yourself in such a situation. Some of what you should expect in a defensive driving course are an extensive presentation of the crucial crash and other vehicular accident prevention techniques.

Getting Acquainted with the Roadway and the Surrounding Environment

As a driver who employs safe defensive driving, it is important for you to understand and acknowledge that it is your responsibility to scan and know the roadway and its surrounding environment.

While some drivers get themselves into a road mishap arguing that they are new to the place and are not very familiar with the streets and major roadways, this does not make for a valid reason or excuse to get away from being responsible and accountable for the untoward incident.

If you are not familiar with a vicinity’s streets and roadway especially if you will be travelling a long distance drive, do your homework. You can always consult a map just to least get yourself a picture of what to expect in your transit. There are several online and mobile applications which can show you in real time the roadways, the current traffic situation and other circumstances, and any existing road blocks.

Adhering to the Two-Second Rule for Following Distances

Basically, the two-second rule for following distances is maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front of your at any given speed.

The general ideal principle is for you to keep at least two seconds behind the vehicle which you are directly following.

Understandably, this may not always be practical to apply particularly in the nearly everyday city traffic jam. However, it will still be your personal choice to keep a safe distance from the vehicle right in front of you despite the bottleneck and in the event that you may be driving in a hurry.

Knowing Your Car’s Stopping Distance

Your car is an extension of yourself. In order to properly and safely operate it, you should know it truly well and how it behaves.

It is specially crucial to know when your car brakes will put the vehicle into a complete halt after you having stepped on and fully applied them. This may be in line with the two-second rule for following distances wherein you intend to avoid crushing into the car in your front. You have to know when your car will come into a total stop by knowing how your brakes behave.

learn how to give way in a major roadway

Sharing the Road and Learning to Give Way

Yield when necessary and whenever you can. You should never insist on your right of way but instead learn to give way despite that the situation apparently shows that you are in your right of way.

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